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Perkins 40-100 kW Diesel generators single and three phase.


Hardy Diesel Perkins powered bare bones Diesel generators built from the highest quality components available!



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Perkins 100 kW left front view

Perkins Diesel generator three phase pricing (breaker included)

Item Engine
HDPK-40-3P 1104D-44TG1 ECO 32 3S $12,652
HDPK-55-3P 1104D-44TG1 ECO 32 3L $13,517
HDPK-65-3P 1104D-E44TG1 ECO 32 3L $15,264
HDPK-80-3P 1104D-E44TAG1 ECO 34 1SN $17,064
HDPK-100-3P 1104D-E44TAG2 ECO 34 2SN $17,930
HDPK-140-3P 1106D-E66TAG2 ECO 34 2LN $22,274
HDPK-150-3P 1106D-E66TAG3 ECO 34 1LN $24,394
HDPK-175-3P 1106D-E66TAG4 ECO 38 1SN $26,081
Click on engine and generator model numbers to view detailed specifications.


Perkins Diesel generator full output single phase pricing

Item Engine
HDPK-40-1P 1104D-44TG1 ECO 32 1L $13,423
HDPK-55-1P 1104D-44TG1 ECO 32 3L $14,100
HDPK-65-1P 1104D-E44TG1 ECO 34 1SN $16,064
HDPK-80-1P 1104D-E44TAG1 ECO 34 2SN $18,064
HDPK-100-1P 1104D-E44TAG2 ECO 34 1LN $18,486
Click on engine and generator model numbers to view detailed specifications



Hardy Diesel Perkins powered Diesel generator



No one can ship faster than we can. Our warehouses are stuffed full!


Warehouse full of Perkins Diesel generators


Perkins 40 kW Diesel generator top view


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Perkins 100 kW Diesel generator



Non-skid design makes it much easier to change oil. Mounted on Neoprene isolator for smooth operation.


Three phase breaker included. Very compact design


Perkins generator dimensions 40-100 kW


80 kW carefully crated tagged and ready to ship. Please inspect carefully before signing for freight.


Perkins 80 kW Diesel generator in a box



Perkins 1100 Series Diesel generator engine specifications!


Mecc-Alte ECO brushless alternator specifications!


Dynagen GSC 400 user manual!


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