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Kubota Powered 7 kW 1800 RPM Water cooled 62 DB $6,995. enclosed, 12kW coming soon! $9,995.


Item # HDAEKB-7-EC


Hardy Diesel is proud to offer the Kubota powered 7 kW a break through in price and sound Level. This is the only 7 kW water cooled 1800 RPM Diesel generator we know of currently made in US. The fact that it is powered by Kubota is amazing at this price! Ambient 124 degree load bank full output.

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Kubota generator 1800 RPM


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The Hardy Diesel Kubota 6.5 kW Diesel generator has an external oil and water drain for easy maintenance.


Kubota 7k open door



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Kubota 7k open door


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Kubota control panel


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Remember this unit set to 1800 RPM for long longevity.


Kubota D1005


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Kubota D1005-E3BG engine only spec sheet


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The Hardy Diesel Kubota 7kW 1800 RPM Diesel gen set is controlled by the Deep Sea 3110 engine controller.


Seep Sea 3110 image


The DSE3110 can be utilized as a Manual or Auto Start Module for single generating set applications and forms part of DSE's next generation of control modules.  The module has been designed to work with electronic and non-electronic engines providing advanced engine monitoring and protection features. 

The DSE3110 includes a back-lit LCD display  which clearly shows the status of the engine at all times.  The module monitors engine speed, frequency, voltage and run hours and also displays the warning and shutdown status of the engine.

The module includes six digital inputs and four outputs.  The module can either be programmed using the front panel or by using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software. Deep Sea 3100 Brochure


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Marathon CSA/B3018 AVR regulated


Marath9on Pancake generator


Marathon CSA/B3018 Pancake generator


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Kubota 7kW Fuel Consumption




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Kubota generator diminsions


Open unit spec

Kubota Powered 7kW spec sheet/brochure


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12kW dimensions


super quiet 12kW dimensions


supper quiet kubota


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