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Kubota Lowboy 2 Series Diesel generators


Hardy Diesel is proud to offer the Kubota Lowboy 2 Series Diesel generators. Although they run at 3600 RPM they are water cooled and extremely reliable. Kubota is known for reliable small Diesel engines. Completely self contained these are a favorite for job sites as well as recreation.


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Generator Accessories


Part No Description Price
Remote Start Kit for GL's
Auto Start Module
Wheel Kit-GL Series
Weather-Security Panel (GL7000 Series)
Weather Security Panel (GL1100 Series)


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Shown below with the wheel kit.


kubota wheel kit


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lowboy top


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lowboy right front


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lowboy panel


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kowboy 2 open door


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kubota lowboy fuel gauge


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lowboy books


What is the difference between the standard GL's and the TM's? The control panels. More specifically the receptacle configuration. Below is the standard GL series control panel. Notice no lugs for hard wire.


GL series control panel


Below is the TM notice it has far fewer outlets and hard wire lugs for load distribution.


control panel description

GL series Kubota TM control panel


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We have several off grid energy systems designed around the Kubota Low Boys!

off grid energy system

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New and improved LOWBOY II

The design of the LOWBOY II Series is based on the previous compact two-pole horizontal type diesel engine generator. Even though this series is powered by vertical type diesel engines, the height is kept as low as the previous LOWBOY by direct coupling the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan. Kubota also changed the location of the package’s air inlet vents to reduce the height of the internal sound absorption duct.

Kubota took its standard 2-polediesel generator and enhanced it. Unlike the previous LOWBOY, which was powered by a horizontal diesel engine; two vertical type SUPER MINI diesel engines, Z482 and 0722, are the heart of the new LOWBOY II Series. This new series kept the same compact size, low body design, and low noise levels of the previous series, while enhancing its environment friendly features with two diesel engines that passed the USA EPA emission Tier2 Regulation. Select from either a receptacle or a terminal unit to suit your generator needs.

Lower Noise Levels

Four separate improvements help reduce the overall noise levels. First, the large capacity radiator successfully reduces fan related noise by direct coupling its crankshaft with the slower-speed fan. Second, the large capacity built-in muffler helps reduce exhaust related noise. Third, the longer air cleaner hose reduces air suction related noise. Fourth, the ideally placed inlet vent and its improved design reduce noise coming from the enclosure’s opening.

Generator and engine are direct-coupled eliminated the cog-belt; therefore no need to replace or adjust it anymore. It comes with Double circuit protectors. In addition to the overall circuit protector, each receptacle also has a circuit protector that will shut the engine down to prevent it from over current damages. Terminal type is equipped with an output connection cover that will stop the engine immediately when it is opened up during operation. Protective covers on all moving parts (for the engine’s cooling fan and the generator.)
Automatically shuts the engine down in case the water temperature rises excessively or the oil pressure drops below a safe level. Equipped with a starter safety relay to prevent the starter from engaging again after the engine starts up. Double element air cleaners are standard equipment. Ideal for heavy-duty applications in dusty environments. An access terminal to connect to the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) is standard equipment. Applicable for stationary use as well. Transportability is enhanced with special forklift openings on the base of the machine, and the one-point lifting eye. GL7000: Full-power switch is standard equipment. Two sockets (30A+30A) to take out the full 120V power. GL11000: 50A receptacle, widely used in the North American market, is standard equipment. Can provide up to 42Afrom a single socket, and 83A in total from multiple sockets.

The diesel engines (Z482 and D722) selected to power the LOWBOYⅡ Series produce far less soot, HC and CO emissions thanks to Kubota's original E-TVCS combustion system. Both Z482 and D722 passed the USA EPA Emission Tier 4 Regulation


Kubota Lowboy 2 Spec sheet/brochure


Kubota Lowboy 2 Operator's Manual


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